Welcome to our restaurant

For those of you who don’t know what a Brazilian Churrascaria is, Riochurrascaria invites you to enjoy a delicious dinner at our place. Think endless skewers of freshly barbecued meat and beef served by enthusiastic and knowledgeable Chefs until you tell them to stop.


1 Sit down, relax and enjoy a Caipirinha or any one of our delicious cocktails while we explain our dining experience.
2 Take a plate and visit our buffet to enjoy fresh cut vegetables and varied Brazilian side dishes.
3 Once you are back at your table, our “Passadores” (meat cutters) will begin tableside meat service.
4 Choose from many different cuts of delicious charcoal fire roasted meats straight to your table, sliced and served by our “Passadores”.
5 After enjoy your meal we suggest to try one of our delicious Brazilian desserts enjoyed with our lovely espresso.

our cusine

At Riochurrascaria, we are proud to offer you our foods. Seasoned to perfection and slow roasted, we offer Caipirinha, churrasco,feijoada, farofa, pao de queijo and cachaça for you by our Experience Chefs. Every meal is accompanied by unlimited hot side dishes including garlic-mashed potatoes, crispy polenta, fried bananas, and our delicious Brazilian Pão de queijo